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Summer Hours

about 1 year ago

The high school office will hold the following summer hours through June 26:

Monday - Thursday:
8am - 4pm

8am - 12pm 

The high school will be completely closed the month of July, opening back up on August 1.

Celebrate Your Achievement

about 1 year ago

Lifetouch is excited to be a part of Steamboat Springs High School's 2018 Commencement taking place on Saturday, June 2.  Honor your graduation with commencement portraits!  Everyone will be photographed and there is NO obligation to purchase.  Photos will be online at ten days after the ceremony.  Visit to sign up and receive notification when your proofs are online and ready to order.  

Existing Census Verification

about 1 year ago

Get Ready for Next School Year!  The annual online Census Verification for Existing Students will open May 21!  Please go to the high school home page, click on the red box that says ONLINE ENROLLMENT REGISTRATION AND CENSUS VERIFICATION, then click on  Existing Student Census Verification to update your information for the 2018-2019 school year!  This is accessed through the parent portal.  Completion is due by August 13, 2018!  You will be require to upload the following items:

1.  Current proof of residence 
2.  If you have an Exemption for Immunizations Waiver on file, you must complete a new one each year.  This is a requirement by state law.
3.  Please note - this process is where you give:
  a.  Field trip permission (student may not participate until update is complete)
  b.  Tylenol permission
  c.  Media consent (Opt out form required if answer is NO)
  d.  Included in Directory permission
  e.  Access to Internet
  f.   Military permission
  g.  Homecoming permission
  h.  Handbook acknowledgement 

Please call the office if you have any questions, or need clarification.  If you do not have access to a computer, a Kiosk is available at each school until the last day of school.  During the summer a Kiosk is available at the district office.  If you do not have a parent portal, please call the district office at 879-1530.

August Student Check-In

about 1 year ago

I know, I know....your students just got out of school for the summer, but some of you are already here it is:  STUDENT CHECK IN FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR!


I will mail an information letter, a copy of next year's handbook (that I am working on now) and a REQUIRED HANDBOOK STUDENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SIGNATURE PAGE along with some other pertinent information the beginning of August, but please know this:  if you have outstanding fees from this past school year, or your student did not finish their check-out sheet from this past school year, they will NOT be allowed to check in until those are cleared up!  NO STUDENT will be allowed to go through check in without the REQUIRED HANDBOOK STUDENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SIGNATURE PAGE as this will be your ticket to start the check-in process.  

See you in August! ~


Alive At 25

over 2 years ago

Students at the Steamboat Springs High School are required to complete the 4.5 hour Alive At 25 Defensive Driving Course if during their junior and senior years they wish to park a vehicle on campus, or apply for Open Campus privileges at lunch time.

The Alive At 25 Defensive driving class is a 4.5 hour program using instruction, discussion, and videos to introduce students to the problems young drivers might encounter and provide them with strategies to help them deal with those problems.  

This class meets the requirements of those new drivers at least 15.5 years of age who have not taken a formal driver's education class and want to apply for their Learner's Permit.   And some insurance companies will offer reduced rates for young drivers who have completed the class.

Students can register and pay the class fee online at, where they can also find class dates, times and locations, or by calling our Denver office at 720-269-4046.

Students who may need help with the class fee must contact instructor Dennis J. Hensen at, or 970-871-3685 before registering for a class in order to apply for funds provided by the Grand Futures, which will pay the class fee for students living in Routt County.

Club Meetings

over 2 years ago

Want to know when Student Council meets?  What about Math Club?  How about Science Olympiad?  What if I want to check out the Drama Troupe?  Then click the link below to find out when these clubs are meeting and jump on in!  Welcome!

Club Meetings

SSHS Clubs & Activities

over 3 years ago

Please click the link below to see a list of Steamboat Springs Clubs & Activities.

SSHS Clubs & Activities

SSHS Drama Troupe

over 3 years ago

Please click the link below for information on the SSHS Drama Troupe including show times and dates along with audition deadlines, and application.

SSHS Theatre


over 4 years ago

SSHS Facilities Scheduler ~ Please click the link below to become a "requester" in order to schedule the use of classrooms, gyms, field, commons, theater, pods, media center, etc.

2017 - 2018 SSHS Student Handbook

over 2 years ago


Please click the link below to view the 2017-2018 Student Handbook. 

2017-2018 SSHS Student Handbook