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2017 - 2018 Student Handbook

over 2 years ago


Please click the link below to view the SSHS Student Handbook.

2017 - 2018 SSHS Student Handbook 


over 3 years ago

SEAL is a program dedicated to a positive, supportive and safe learning environment that is sensitive to the varied needs of students. SEAL offers a non-traditional classroom where students are empowered to acquire skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary to be contributing members of their community in an ever-changing world.  

Next SEAL orientation will be held in January, 2016.  Details to follow.  If you would like to be added to our list of students interested in applying for SEAL next semester, please contact Annie Camacho at 970-871-3612 or e-mail her at

General information about the SEAL program

1.The program is available for 10th, 11th and 12th graders only.

2.Students who are interested in applying for SEAL must attend a mandatory orientation meeting where they will receive an informational packet, application, understand expectations and review procedures.

3.Potential SEAL students must complete an application and interview with the SEAL Advisory Board.

4.Members on the SEAL Advisory Board include: Kevin Taulman, Denis Alt, Monica Feagler, Jill Barker, Shelby Dewolfe, Eric Nilsson, Jamie Kearns, and Annie Camacho.

5.Interviews and enrollment for SEAL happen only at semester.

6.If students are accepted into SEAL program they will complete a rubric as a quarterly review.

7.Depending on how students score on the rubric, they may be placed on a recovery plan. The recovery plan process is outlined below: 
                     1.The student will meet with a board member and formulate goals and a plan to maintain                            enrollment in the SEAL program.
                     2. The student will have to present to the SEAL Advisory Board (re-interview) to explain                                  their achievement of goals.
                     3. After the interview and recovery plan are reviewed, the board decides on a continued                                recovery plan or removal from the program. 

8.SEAL grading policy:  
             A,B,C,N/C (no credit)- students must earn a C or higher in order to gain credit. 

9.SEAL classes are for the core content areas (Science, Math, History and English) 
           Model Schedule: 
                     1st hour: American History or Math
                     2nd hour: World History or Math
                     5th hour: American Literature or Science
                     6th hour: World Literature or Science
                     Every other year there is a Career and College Preparation Class (CCP)

             Senior SEAL English options: 
                                 Literature and Word Preparation (one semester) 
                                 Dramatic and Film Literature (one semester) 

              Electives are taken in the afternoon- not within the SEAL program.

10. We strive to maintain a student to teacher ratio of 10:1. There is typically 1 teacher for history and English and 1 teacher for math and science. 

11. Steps to apply: 
                 1.Talk to counselor
                 2.Go to orientation
                 3.Complete application and questionnaire
                 4.Attend interview with the SEAL advisory Board 

For more information contact Annie Camacho at 970-871-3612 or e-mail her at with any questions!